Thank you Therapydia!

A big THANK YOU to Therapydia Portland for spending several hours at VC this afternoon helping everyone get their pre-challenge body composition test completed! We had over 40 members get tested today, and we know there are more of you who couldn’t make it who will be swinging by their office sometime this week. If you completed your test today, you should have received an email from Therapydia with a link to their informational video about the print-out you received. The video walks you through all of the data collected during the test and how to interpret the different stats.

Before leaving VC, you should have also received your macronutrient breakdown from Maria. The challenge doesn’t officially start until next week, so use this week to start practicing weighing/tracking your meals and figuring out how your going to be dividing those protein/carbs/fats throughout your day.

If you haven’t done so already, please download the MyFitnessPal app on your phone. Our next blog post is going to be all about the app and some tips and tricks to make tracking as easy as possible!

As always, comment here with questions or shoot us an email at!

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