Hey! We’re back!! We’ve been dying to introduce our sweet new VC Nutrition logo, and what better way to introduce it than by launching a new gym-wide challenge! We want to get you back into the swing of checking the blog as we approach our VC Sugar Challenge leading into SUMMER!

The challenge will run for 21-days: June 1-21st. The 21st also happens to be the first day of summer! Ah, it’s finally here. Has your diet over the past few months prepared you for it?

The goal of this challenge is to broaden your awareness about the prevalence and harmful effects of sugar. The challenge will educate and guide you on how to eliminate added sugar from your diet. Does your ketchup have added sugar? Your favorite savory rice dish? Sugar is sneaky.

The VC Sugar Challenge will have three levels: one for everyone. If you aren’t ready to give up all sugar, you can still participate. If you don’t consume added sugar in your current diet, we will challenge you further in the RX and RX+ levels of the challenge to limit all sugar consumption, even in high sugar natural foods, like fruit. Just as health and nutrition isn’t one size fits all, neither is this challenge. We want everyone to participate in some way. Start thinking about which level you’re going to do!

Everyone likes science because science doesn’t lie. So, here’s some facts about sugar:

  • Sugar is the root cause of our obesity epidemic.
  • Sugar causes chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, dementia & type 2 diabetes.
  • The average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar in a year – roughly 22 teaspoons every day.
  • Kids consume about 34 teaspoons every day – and almost 1/4 teenagers are pre-diabetic or diabetic .
  • Sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine.
  • People consume 500 extra calories a day from sugar worldwide, enough calories to gain a pound per week.

Even though we could keep these facts about sugar coming, I think we all know at least one more reason sugar is harmful: it definitely isn’t helping us achieve our goals in or outside the gym. Let’s welcome summer by eliminating added sugar and feeling the positive effects it will have on our bodies!


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