VC Sugar Challenge FAQ’s

We’re a third of the way through the challenge! Woo hoo! Everyone’s been working hard to eliminate sugar from their diet, but we know you still have some questions. Below are some of the most common questions or challenges that have come up so far. We’ve also included some of our favorite brand alternatives for common sugar culprits.

Reach out with any other questions you have now or throughout the challenge!

Happy (sugar-free) Eating!


If the label says “No Added Sugar”, does that mean it’s challenge-approved?

Unfortunately, no. We’ve come across multiple cases where the label is misleading and there actually is added sugar in the product. Double check not only the nutrition facts, but the list of ingredients for any of the sugar and sugar-alcohols listed on our cheat sheet.

Can I have my regular coffee drink (mocha, flavored latte, etc) as long as I ask for sugar-free or no sugar?

Sugar-free = artificially sweetened! No sugar, including artificial (fake) sugars. You can have black coffee, and milks that don’t have added sugars.

What about bread, bagels and other things I use for sandwiches?

Check the ingredients! A lot of processed foods have added sugar, so you won’t be able to have one’s that do. If you have a clean bread that doesn’t have added sugar, it is allowed. Carbohydrates such as bread DO breakdown as sugar in your body, so try to limit your intake anyways. A great alternative is always lettuce wrapped, or naked!

Can I have brown rums and whiskey if I’m doing the  RX+ version?

No, RX+ is clear liquor only.

My salad dressing has sugar, but it’s the last ingredient – can I have it since it’s such a small amount?

No! It’s only 21-days. Try having oil and vinegar on your salad and using seasonings to spice it up!

I love yogurt, but even my plain brand has 9 grams of sugar. Can I still eat this during the challenge?

Yes. There are naturally occurring sugars in yogurt. The whole milk (less processed) versions have less, so try going for a brand with the least amount of sugar. However, as long as it doesn’t have ADDED sugar in the ingredient list, it’s okay to eat during the challenge!

What about eating out? How do I know what to order?

Try your best! Think of common things as you check labels and remember which ones to avoid when eating out. Often times sauces are big culprits – so ask for no sauce if you think it might be added.


Coffee Creamer / Flavor Alternatives:

  • Coconut milk
  • Almond milk (watch out for additives like carrageenan, “natural flavors”, citric acid, sweeteners, etc.)
  • Grass fed butter (our favorite is Kerrygold)
  • Nut Pods


Yogurt Options

  • Recommended brands:  Fage, Siggi’s and Maple Hill Creamery


Bacon/Deli Meats Options

  • Finding bacon and deli meats without added sugar can seem tricky, but it is possible!
  • Pedersons’s Farms Bacon is sugar free and available at New Seasons.
  • Applegate Products also has some good options, but CHECK THE LABEL-some of their products are approved but some are not (culprit: carrageenan)


Sauces / Dressings Options

  • Primal Kitchen products
  • Tessemae’s products


Jerky Options

  • Epic Bars
  • Chomp Sticks


Soda/Energy Drinks

  • Seltzer (La Croix, Polar)
  • Fruit infused water

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