Meal Prep with Evan & Maria: Pan Fried Plantains

Happy Monday! We hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

Sometimes, we all just need a little something sweet, but, with the help of the #VCSugarChallenge, we’re all working really hard to cut out all added and


 unnecessary sugars from our diets, which leaves us in a bit of a pickle.

Luckily, PLANTAINS are here to save the day! You may have heard about them, or even seen them in the grocery store by the bananas (and even mistaken them for funny looking bananas), but they do have some key differences. Plantains are starchier (GOOD carbs), have less sugar, and are more versatile. Check out this article for more information about plantains’ nutritional value and benefits, history and use around the world.

We were craving something sweet this weekend and decided to make cinnamon pan fried plantains for dessert. Check out the video below (with a special guest appearance) and give it a try!

Happy Eating!






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