This post is for all of you who have managed to push past that sugar addiction and have been sugarless these past few weeks. That’s no small feat. Basically, you’re a #boss. We’ve heard that many of you experienced withdrawal symptoms. Literally. Headaches, moodiness, cravings; the absolute intense emotion of feeling like you actually need it to survive! Sugar is addicting! Even if you don’t consume soda or eat a candy bar everyday, you’ve learned that sugar is everywhere.

If the only thing you gained from this challenge was awareness, that’s still a challenge well worth it. Keep that awareness in your daily routine and continue to make better choices in the long term!

Why did we do this again?

The root of most disease is inflammation. A huge cascade of inflammation happens when we eat sugar. This sugar-induced inflammation causes a wide variety of diseases, some of which we have known about and many that are being re-examined and researched. Experts are finding that inflammation is the common denominator in all of them! Some common ones include: arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

But even cavemen ate sugar, right?

True. They had honey. They had maple trees.

As we’ve already discussed, sugar in the processed form is pretty bad. It’s definitely not natural, and even if it was once was, it’s been so chemically processed that it doesn’t even resemble food anymore. So that’s out. But maple syrup that’s actually coming from a maple tree, that has to be ok, right? Bees are actually making honey, right? It’s real sugar. True.

But, and the is is a BIG but, can you imagine how difficult it was for our ancestors to get that maple syrup? How hard was it to get just a teaspoon of maple syrup? They had to find the maple tree, tap the tree to access the sap and then watch it literally drip out. We just dump a bottle on our morning pancakes, and three tablespoons later of Grade A Organic Maple Syrup – we’re mindlessly consuming 40 grams of sugar.

To our ancestors it was a special treat, labor intensive, very precious and rarely consumed.

If you’re going to have pure, natural and unprocessed sugar (maple syrup & honey), do it in extreme moderation! 

Just a little food for thought to re-charge everyone as we go into the last couple days of the challenge!

Happy (sugar-free) eating!

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