VC Partner Nutrition Challenge + Upcoming Body Comp Testing

Challenge Dates: Monday, September 11th – Monday, October 2nd

Body Composition Dates: Early September (DATES TBD)

Happy almost end of summer! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed tons of BBQs, good food and quality time with friends and family! Maybe you’ve had one too many ice cream cones, beer and haven’t made the best food choices, but that’s OK! We’ve got your back and are here to help everyone get back on track with our PARTNER Nutrition Challenge!

We love challenges because they provide us with guidance, support and nutrition education. Challenges give us the tools to be able to fuel our bodies better! Doing it with a partner will give you increased accountability and motivation – and let’s be honest, everything is more fun with a buddy!

Details of the challenge will be released in the next week, but start asking around to get a partner before the sign up sheet goes up! If you don’t have a partner and want us to help pair you up with someone, let us know!

Here are some of our goals for the challenge:

  1.   Learn to consume quality foods that optimize your performance.
  2.   Plan your foods ahead of time so you aren’t caught in a pinch to eat something you would rather not.
  3.   Identify your personal goals (strength, fat loss, energy).
  4.   Focus on all aspects of health including sleep, hydration, rest days and mobility.

We’re also bringing back the InBody body composition machine to give everyone a chance to check in and help re-establish individual goals going into Fall.

Sign up sheets and more information for both the challenge and the body composition testing will be announced in the next week, so stay tuned!

Happy Eating!

Ev & Maria

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